Monday, November 30, 2009


Hey Ubisoft henchmen!

This blog is quickly made just to put some stuff up so you can see my level. I move around jobs a lot so I'm great at multi-tasking, one hour I'm doing a childrens book cover for Scholastic then next hour I'm doing a tutorial for ImagineFX on horror. Why tell you this? Well first to boost myself in your eyes >.> the next to say I'm not a 100 percent concept guru. Wait wait please read on.

While I'm not your typical concept artist, I do know my art. I'm use to picky clients that really don't know what they want till you draw it and it can be anything you can put a word to. So blah blah blah please hire me!

I've put some samples below from cartoony styles to realistic. Fantasy to sci-fi to military. Just look below and ask if I can draw, then send a test and see if I can draw exactly what you need, then should I make it that far lets talk and make sure I'm not an asshole and I can work as a team member.

Thank-you for putting up with my long speech of rubbish and Enjoy! the show...